1. One Concept Carrier
    ATPAC will handle all various levels of service from same day air shipments, to 1, 2 and 3 day services, 4/5 day ground services, full truck loads and international services.
  2. No Size or Weight Limitations
    ATPAC can handle a 1 lb. shipment to a 40,000 lb. shipment.
  3. 24 Hour Availability, 7 Days a Week
    If the need arises for after hours, holiday, or weekend services, ATPAC will be ready to listen and react. ATPAC has convenient access for recoveries and drop-offs at the airlines.
  4. Personalized Services
    Concerned and experienced outside Sales Representatives and qualified inside Customer Service support are always available to assist you. You will know ATPAC personnel on a first name basis.
  5. Pricing
    No per piece charges or hidden costs! Tariffs are available upon request. Shippers can benefit from our consolidations daily by calling their appropriate Sales Representative or our Customer Service Department for a spot quote.
  6. Communication
    Regardless of transit time, your shipment's status is tracked by our Customer Service Department and relayed to you and/or your consignee if needed. Verbal and hard copy proof of deliveries are available at no extra charge. ATPAC will provide quick and courteous responses to all your inquiries.
  7. ATPAC's Unique Commitment
    On all overnight shipments, our Customer Service Department will call your consignee to notify them of the delivery time. In turn, you will be called with the signed-off delivery status. Let ATPAC ease the worry of those overnight EMERGENCY air shipments.
  8. Specialized Services
    ATPAC offers Lift gate services, Inside pickup and deliveries, Warehousing, Refrigerated services, Custom designed services and Nationwide coverage.
  9. ATPAC's Direction for the Future
    ATPAC's growth can only be accomplished through long term, loyal relationships developed by hard work and effort. To maintain our stability, ATPAC will prioritize all of your company's transportation needs, both big and small. Our future together relies on the opportunity ATPAC will have to make quality service affordable.

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